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What Does Cremation Cost?
The fee for our service depends on two things:
1. The weight of your pet.
2. Whether or not you wish your pet cremated privately.

The larger the pet the more time and energy required to complete the cremation process. As a result, the cost to have larger animals cremated is higher. Our facility is capable of cremating pets up to a maximum of 250 pounds.

Private vs Communal
• We term a cremation “Private” when your pet is individually cremated. This option allows you to choose whether or not you want to keep the ashes. If you decide not to keep the ashes we will dispose of them for you.

• We term a cremation “Communal” when we cremate your pet with others whose ashes are not wanted. We dispose of the ashes from communal cremations.

Some Examples:
• An average size cat would cost about $80.00* for private and $30.00* for communal cremation.
• A dog weighing about 80lbs would cost about $135.00* for private and $80.00* for communal cremation.

Please Note:
These cremation estimates do not include any fees for body pickup, urn, and/or delivery of the ashes.
*Prices subject to change without notice.

Where Can I Scatter the Ashes?
Cremated remains can be scattered or buried most anywhere (Private property requires the owner’s permission). It is common to scatter the ashes in place that was a favorite of your pet or buried with a rose or tree planted over them. The ashes are environmentally friendly and sterile.

Will You Pick Up My Pet’s Body?
We will come to your veterinarian’s office if they use our service (for a nominal fee). We do not do home pickup unless it is within certain boundaries, is planned in advance and our schedule permits. Before we arrive please make sure that you have removed anything you wish to keep (collar, tags, blanket etc.). If there are any items you would like cremated with your pet please let us know. Most items can be cremated with your pet but there are some limitations.

How Can I Be Sure That the Ashes I Receive Are Those Belonging Only to My Pet?
We treat your pet’s body and ashes with all the respect and dignity it deserves. The ashes are carefully and thoroughly extracted from the cremation chamber and great care is taken to ensure the purity of the ashes. We take the trust you place in us very seriously.

Can I Provide My Own Ash Receptacle?
We want our clients to find the right final resting place for their former friend and companion. So, while Riverside Pet Crematory does have urns available for purchase we realize that we may not have one that fits your needs. Whether or not you use one of our urns we will be happy to advise you as to what size will be appropriate for your needs.

What Do the Ashes Look Like?
Cremated ashes range from a talcum texture to larger fragments and are essentially the inorganic elements of the body (primarily from the skeletal structures). We pulverize any of the larger fragments so that they are not recognizable.

How Long Have You Been Providing This Service?

We have been providing for pet's final needs since 1993.